Links to perinatal mental health information and support

My project about perinatal mental health, And Yet often leads to people talking to me about their own experiences, or expressing concern about a friend or family member experiencing their own difficulties.  Back in 2010, I did write a blog post about my own mental health experiences after having my daughter,  but creating and sharing this project has made it clear to me that I need a more comprehensive list. 

This post aims to be a central place where I can add links to websites and general information.  Please do get in touch if you can think of anything I can add. 


PANDAS Foundation.

Offer a variety of support services and also have social
media groups and pages. Comprehensive
website with information about different kinds of pre and post-natal mental
illness and links to various sources of information and advice.
tel: 0843 28 98 401

APNI: the Association for Post-Natal Illness.  

Provides telephone helpline, information
leaflets and a network of volunteers who have themselves experienced PND.
NB: Mainly focussed on
post-natal depression and anxiety.
tel: 0207 3860 868

Royal College of Psychiatrists 

Useful and comprehensive digital versions of their
leaflets about specific conditions, including:  Postnatal DepressionPerinatal OCDPostpartum Psychosis, and General Mental Health in pregnancy. 

The Mental Health Foundation

General information about mental health, including a useful leaflet about discussing mental health with your GP and a general information page about postnatal depression.

Maternal Mental Health Alliance

Group aimed at improving maternal mental health by changing policy and educating professionals.  Also has a help and support page aimed at parents, with links to other organisations, including local area support groups. 


General mental health information with useful A-Z information links, support signposting and a page dedicated to perinatal mental health